“Uriel” is a non-profit and non denominational association founded in 2011 by a group that has for years been committed to studying and researching about human consciousness development. Self-knowledge and the intuitive ability to perceive models of a Culture and Civilization based on Common Good are the experimental foundations of the modalities through which the awakening and growth of a new awareness towards oneself, groups, Humanity and the whole Planet, can be promoted and favored.

Through the voluntary engagement of its members, “Uriel” aims to develop a group consciousness based on brotherhood and cooperation, so as to favor experiencing a community life model founded on meditation, study and service.

Its work, inspired by the teachings handed down by Elena I. Rerikh, Alice A. Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans, uses Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis to promote a shared way of living, aimed at harmonizing human beings, developing their transpersonal levels and integrating them into a group ready to actively participate in solving the great problems of Humanity and restoring right relationships with Nature and its rhythms.

Activities are characterized by a process that, starting from the thematic courses and the Creative Meditation course, continues through detailed study and seminars, and is enriched by the participation in national and international congresses and meetings.

The centre where the residential activities take place is located in Collesano, an old village on the slopes of the Madonie mountains in Sicily, Italy. It is a country-house sited between the mountains and Tyrrhenian sea, planned and built to inspire and favor the work for consciousness transformation and group life experience.

“Uriel” cooperates with the Community of Living Ethics and Namaskar – in Italy – and with the World Service Intergroup and International Association for Creative Meditation – in an international setting – to build a World Service Network to promote the birth of a New World, founded on Good Will and essential Unity of all consciousnesses.